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” “Yes, it was her idea, but it is ok, Miss Morgan.

Mistress Megan is in control of Karen too and there is one key rule to submission. I am your teacher.” “If that is how you feel, Miss Morgan, I will respect that,” I responded.

She stood frozen for a few seconds before joining me at the booth.

I smiled, handed her a coffee, and greeted, "Hi, Miss Morgan" She sat down tentatively and took the drink. She was clearly attempting to come to grips with the reality of the situation. I waited for a response from her, my heart pounding.

Bedding the Babysitter 4 Brief Summary: Jenny attempts to fulfill an order from one of her two Mistresses, when she meets with her unknowing teacher to finish a seduction she had slowly been doing all week (a brief sub-plot in Bedding the Babysitter 3).

Note 1: I recommend you read parts 1-3 to know the complete story of Jenny from shy, nervous in the closet lesbian to submissive, sexy cheerleader and seductress.

I looked deep into her eyes, “My school Mistress, the one responsible for my sudden popularity is....” “Karen,” she whispered, putting two and two together. ” “Just thinking about the week and how odd you were acting and I recalled Karen’s smirks,” Miss Morgan reflected.

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” “No one will, Miss Morgan,” I assured her, “Plus we are both consenting adults, free to ravish each other in any and every way imaginable.” A second gasp and a flush of red escaped Miss Morgan while she tried to deal with her conflicting emotions. “And,” I began before pausing for dramatic effect, “you said and I quote you ‘I want to take you home and use you as my personal sex slave’”.Even though I was pretty confident she felt the same way I did, how does one know for sure?

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