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Lord Byron, of course, was the greatest Goth of all time.

Emos have a strong arts graduate bias and are among the few that read poetry (if only of the romantic, morbid kind).

Flicking through the autumn glossy fashion magazines, I noticed that some of the models did not look very well. This is because one of the key looks, especially at the younger end of the fashion spectrum, is Goth. You can wear any colour you like so long as it's black.

To achieve that just-got-out-of-acoffin look, you need corsets, capes, Celtic crosses, an unseeing stare and a prop such as a slightly mutilated china doll dragged along in one hand.

Girls' secondary schools have for some time been concerned about the increase in self harm.When death is a long way off, you can afford to be more morbid about it.